Friday, May 11, 2007

Blogging from the Bayshore - Delaware Bay, New Jersey, USA

The Shorebird Team is convening once again at Reeds Beach on the Delaware Bayshore to trap and band shorebirds during their critical stopover enroute to the Arctic. The crew arrives from all over the globe, Australia, England, Canada and New Jersey. Each member is assigned a responsibility and a tentative schedule for trapping and banding is established. At the same time a team from Stockton University is studying horseshoe crab and horseshoe crab egg densities. The film crew that followed the team in Tierra del Fuego has arrived to capture the work at the bayshore.

We will start blogging from the Bayshore very soon.

In the interim, please check out
This site, developed by Mike, aged 11, from Maryland, promotes great protection for the red knot and introduces Mike's group, Friends of the red knot. Thank you Mike for supporting these wonderful birds.


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